Adventure! is White Wolf's second extension to the Trinity(Æon) role-playing game. Just as Aberrant comes before Trinity, Adventure! is placed timewise before Aberrant.

Adventure! is a pulp-genre role-playing game. In Adventure!, one could play some of their favorite above the top characters, such as Indiana Jones, the Shadow, or even Planetary!

At the moment, not much has been released for this game, which is planned to be released in August 2001. But White Wolf plans to have it encompass pulp settings, noir or great adventures.

The most recent development for Adventure!'s storyline has been the addition of Warren Ellis to the development team. Ellis is known for his great writing in comic books, such as Transmetropolitan, Planetary, and Authority.

"Adventure explores many different aspects of pulp from hard-boiled noir to over-the-top adventure -- all within a single setting," said Bates. "As a result, it appeals to a wider audience than past pulp games have. Fans of The Shadow, Indiana Jones, The Rocketeer, Planetary, even The Maltese Falcon, will find Adventure equally enjoyable."


Adventure!, the pulp-era roleplaying game of the Trinity(Æon) universe, was released a couple of months ago. Though its release was overshadowed by the release of another big White Wolf Game Studio game, Exalted, it seems to be doing rather well so far, according to posts by its developers, Bruce Baugh and Andrew Bates, to the Yahoogroups AeonAdventure mailing list. It is still too early to tell whether it will merit any supplements, but the present outlook seems to be good.

Historically, pulp roleplaying games have not sold very well, so it is not surprising that White Wolf would choose to test the waters with a single standalone volume. However, this does not mean that there will not be any supplements, as some have claimed; other White Wolf games were released as single volumes, then sold well enough to merit sourcebooks; this may be a similar instance. The volume is complete in and of itself, and the simplified Storyteller system doesn't slow things down, except perhaps during combat.

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