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"Adventures In Foam"
[NINEBARecords - NOZACD003]
September 1996

001 01.49  Adventures In Foam intro
002 05.55  Cat People
003 06.09  Northstar
004 05.42  Fat Ass Joint
005 05.55  Ol' Bunkhouse
006 04.57  Paris Streatham
007 04.07  A Vida
008 05.52  Traffic
009 01.59  Reef's Edge (Interval)
010 04.33  The Sighting
011 04.09  Break Charmer
012 06.26  The Method
013 05.43  On The Track
014 14.28  00.00-05.50  Cruzer
           12.47-14.28  [untitled]

Adventures In Foam was Amon Tobin's first full length album, released on Ninebar under the name Cujo. It was a fantastic album, a sometimes soothing, sometimes frantic piece of drum & bass production. In my personal opinion, this is Amon Tobin's second best album, behind his absolutely fantastic album Permutation. As good as the album may be, there seemed to be an error with the track programming. Track 12, The Method, was programmed wrong onto the CD, and the real song begins about one minute into the track. The previous track, Break Charmer, goes on for another minute, thus making no gap or silence, just an error in timing.
This particular release saw light in Britain, while the US version, released about half a year later, had a rather different tracklist:

"Adventures In Foam"
[Shadow Records - SDW12027-2]
May 1997

001 01.50  Adventures In Foam intro
002 05.51  Traffic
003 05.15  The Light
004 05.57  Cat People
005 04.59  Paris Streatham
006 04.11  A Vida
007 05.44  Fat Ass Joint
008 06.20  The Brazilianaire
009 06.12  Northstar
010 05.10  Break Charmer
011 05.52  Clockwork [incorrectly labeled as "The Sequel"]
012 01.56  Reefs Edge (Interval)
013 04.36  The Sighting
014 09.57  00.00-05.50  Cruzer
           08.16-09.57  [untitled]

For this release, the order of some tracks were moved around, some tracks were removed, some were added, and almost all of the segues were cut, with the exception of Reefs Edge into The Sighting (on the original Ninebar version, every track segued into the next with no silence).
The flow and feeling seemed to change dramatically from this change, as the Shadow version seemed to sound more loud and frantic than the original Ninebar release. The original was more morose and somber in feeling.

The original release finally saw light in the States, in May of 2002. It was re-released on Amon's "new" home label, Ninja Tune, which he had moved to in 1997 after his Cujo releases on Ninebar. The album came with a new bonus disc, with some previously released and previously unreleased tracks:

"Adventures In Foam" (2CD)
[Ninja Tune - ZENCD60]
May 2002

CD1: same tracklist as Ninebar version. even includes same track timing error.

001 06.20  The Brazilianaire  [same track from the Shadow version]
002 05.40  4 or 6  [previously unreleased]
003 05.06  Mars Brothers  [previously unreleased]
004 04.37  Popsicle  [previously unreleased]
005 05.15  The Light  [same track from the Shadow version]
006 07.53  The Sequel  [NOT the same track from the Shadow version]

And thus, the original album could now see light in the US without costing an unholy amount of money.

This album is one of Amon Tobin's best works, and i would recommend it to anyone interested in a little jazzy-tronic music. This album, by the sound of it, also apears to possibly have a decent amount of original composition on it, a rarity for Amon Tobin. Most of his work is made with samples of previous recordings, but combined into amazing original compositions. His work never sounds half-assed or has that real "sampled" sound, like many of the other sample-based musicians who tend to call themselves DJ Insert-Name-Here.

Sources used:
repeated listens.
about 40$ to buy the Shadow and Ninja Tune copies.

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