Perhaps a better title would have been "Bad Advertisers Targeting Younger Markets", but the fact that it's blatantly obvious when it's bad negates that need.

Anyway, the blatant stuff is the point here.

The problem stems from advertisers who want to try to be "Hip" to appeal to the younger markets to whom they are trying to sell their product. They'll produce a campaign based on an image they believe their target audience is accustomed to. Except that belief is almost always dead wrong, and their campaign usually turns out to be goofy.

It gets bad when they write dialogue that they think we use. It gets worse when they hire people their age to portray people our age, and speak this dialogue.

I can think of one culprit off the top of my head, mainly because I have to tolerate their radio commercials on my way home from work. "Nature's Cure" radio commercials are absolutely terrible. Nature's Cure is some sort of dual-action acne medication, so you can see where the target market would lie. But then they write dialogue like so:

Have you ever tried 'Nature's Cure?'

Nature's What? Sounds Funky.

(Laugh) Shut up. Nature's Cure. It's acne medication that (blah blah).

And this stuff is cool?

Quit stressing. Nature's Cure is totally safe.

You get the idea. No, I didn't make that up. That's a verbatim copy of the dialogue used in the commercial. It's so condescending, so "Like, wow!" that it's insulting. They actually think younger people talk like this. The ditzy tone they use in the commercials only emphasizes the fact that they're trying to beat their message into you, supposedly using "Hip Language, dude!" Supposedly, "Cool" is synonymous with "safe and all natural."

Imagine if they made mature, intelligent, and informative ads instead. Their product may be good, but it's hard to respect something that uses cheezy gimmicks like this to push it.

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