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A philosphy (or religion, perhaps) developed by Eli Siegel. The core tenet seems to be "Try to like the world." Or as Siegel himself puts it, "Aesthetic Realism, in keeping with its name, sees all reality including the reality that is oneself, as the aesthetic oneness of opposites."
Whatever that means.

Siegel and his colleages teach Aesthetic Realism in seminars and classes across the country and at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation in New York City. The Foundation claims that Aesthetic Realism can be applied to many different disciplines, including art, music, science, anthropology and marriage counseling. Seems reasonable enough to me. "Like the world."

While some aspects of it seem like a slightly less cultish, slightly more New Age version of Scientology, I find it hard to demean too greatly a philosophy that basically preaches pacifism and inner peace. On the other hand, willing yourself into finding peace with the world is a far cry actually doing something to change it.

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