Consider the words of pingouin under the Africa writeup: Think of a whole continent of Bosnias.

Afro-pessimism is the sentiment and perception that Africa is a mess and that the situation cannot be rectified.

The word is commonly used in political analysis as a shorthand for dismissive and negative attitudes. Also Afropessimist for someone who holds uniformly negative expectations of Africa.

I will not attempt to deny that myriad of problems that plague Africa. Quite the opposite, it is in part denial and silence that hinders peace and freedom.

However to believe that Africa is a congenital mess, that Africans cannot ever successfully govern themselves is little more than crude racism.

For instance, "market sentiment" is the widely held reason why the South African currency, the Rand, has such a low exchange value compared to it's actual purchasing power in South Africa. This is Afro-pessimism at work.

One must look for the complex causes and effects, understand that there is in fact both good and bad, peace and conflict, good leadership and despotism, democracy and kleptocracy in this vast continent.

One must also finally understand and work within the reality that Africa must uplift Africa. No one else will.

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