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As originally laid out in the book Black Athena, the notion that Greek society, philosophy, and art was essentially "stolen" from the Egyptians. As applied to popular belief, the notion that every single figure in the Bible was Benin African in appearance, if not in fact, as well as the rulers of Egypt, Greek and Roman figures, and even such worthies as Ludwig van Beethoven, based on such tell-tale descriptors as "dark" skin or hair, nicknames like "Moor" "Black ...", and the like. As a matter of fact, goes the speculation, ancient Egyptians had human-powered flight, atomic power, and many other wonders, such as knowlege of other inhabited planets, since the melanin in their skin allowed them to be more sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. Benin technology rivalled our own, and pretty much anything you can name was actually invented, if not by an African outright, then by a behind-the-scenes slave whose name has been lost by racist society.

Unfortunately, calls for an Afrocentric curriculum in schools has turned up little in the way of productive lesson plans other than asserting these factoids...And the fact that we're actually ALL "of African descent" is totally lost on them.

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