For a split second, after a sneeze, there is a smell. Not fresh, not musky, but a smell nonetheless. It may be the only time one would ever be able to truly smell themselves. The mystery of after sneeze has led many to posing the question on hundreds of comment boards, but the answer is sneezing.

It smells like a commentary, not a factual
Some say the smell is sweet like honey. Click here if you don’t believe me. Others say it smells like dried urine. Gross. Even more bizarre, some say you’re smelling the ozone layer. In any case it’s likely because nasal sensory pads are getting over-stimulated after a period of dormancy. That or the body is trying to reward itself for a necessary semi-autonomous action. Preventing a sneeze could give you an aneurysm, so the body is trying to prevent accidental suicide. Sneezes are not just a respiratory action, in fact, many organs, your face muscles, etc. are all involved in a sneeze. When the body does clean its olfactory receptors, it re-primes them to recognize molecules that they’ve become used to. That’s where the self smell statement comes into play. Also, snot’s molecule makeup could possibly be similar in nature to sugar. When it’s removed, along with the sloughed off skin cells, it creates Hydrolized yeast extract.

Improved smell, for a split second
Ever wondered why dogs can smell better than humans? Up to 10,000 times better smell. Some dogs have over two hundred million smell receptors, while humans have up to five million of them. The longer the dog nose, the more receptors, possibly even true for human noses. Dogs also have wet noses, which aides the process. I’d also wager that human noses are not as clean or as used. So when that flush of the nose happens, the nose regains some of its unused potential. Dead skin, mucus, boogers, the like, all are spewed out of your nose receptors.

Putting the cork in the smell
Nasal steroids are the answer. Seems a bit dramatic, but if you dislike the smell of after sneeze, your options are limited. Don’t sneeze, or take nasal steroids. Drinking lots of water will also help thin out mucus, if that is the issue. Or even taking an antihistamine can dry you up.

God bless you
Legend has it that saying "God bless you" prevents your soul from leaving your body. God bless you isn’t the only phrase used. "Bless you” is also common in English speaking countries. My buddies and I often say “Shutup” instead, however. Shutup may not be as good mannered as politely wishing someone well, but if you’ve ever been to Catholic school, you know what it’s like to hear an echo of God bless yous circulating in your ear drum. Most cultures have one sort of phrase or another that basically attribute to someone’s well being or health.

    Other interesting responses:
  • Gesundheit
  • Guð hjálpi þér! - Icelandic for "God help you!"
  • Noroc - Romanian for "to your luck"
  • Prosit - Latin for "may it advantage you"
  • Evviva - Maltese for "he/she is alive!"

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