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Not Pussy Galore, it's panties galore!

Another OVA anime series based around the concept of fan service, but a special one at that. The main point of the series is to put as many panties on your TV screen as possible, using sudden drafts, impossible camera angles and ultra-short skirts. There is about one panty shot every 20 secs of play time (the first episode alone has about 122 panties in more or less plain view), even more, if you count group-scenes as more than one. Add to that some scenes with nudity, and some suggestive scenes, and nosebleeds of the discerning otaku fanboy are assured. There are only few male characters, most are women fo the megababe/femme fatale category, long legs and all.

Unlike most series of this genre, Agent Aika (original japanese title: Aika) also features a plot, and a pretty nice one at that. The series is an adrenaline driven spy-story in the tradition of the more physical bond movies. The series is set in a post-apocalyptic Earth setting, where about 15% of the earth and 95 % of Japan were permanently flooded (hmm, wasn't Japan basically one large mountain range?). Aika, and some of her (female) friends, make a living as salvagers, but has a mysterious past. As pickings are slim, she agrees to take on a high reward, high risk job to bring in the needed cash. Soon, she is involved head over heels (or should I say skirt over waistline?) in an evil genius's plot to take over the world, and has to fight his army amply proportioned (read: top-heavy), minimally dressed and heavily armed babes. Actually, the series would have been quite good without spicing it up with fan service. The characters are well-developed (not the way you think I mean), the story is fast, well-paced, a bit over the top, but highly enjoyable. The animation is crisp and clean as well, even in faster action sequences and fight-scenes most of which are nicely choreographed, too.

Actually, there are two series of Agent Aika: Naked Mission (4 episodes) and Final Battle (3 episodes), both sharing the same fetish and animation quality. But since the story goes a long way in this series, and some of the panty shots are quite funny indeed (how did they think of this angle?), I'd recommend the series. There also is a quasi-sequel, Najica, which shares the animation style and also features loads of panty shots, but is set in a different universe.

BTW: The manga Agent Aika is based on also contains some panty shots, but nowhere as many as to amount to a theme. This was purely an invention of the animation staff.

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