Agent Smith is one of the three agents in the movie The Matrix. Agents are sentient computer programs who can move in and out of any person still plugged into The Matrix.

Of the three agents, Smith is the main guy. He has all the cool lines in the film, and he beats the stuffing out of Morpheus. And of course, the final showdown is between him and Neo. He speaks in a slow, monotone, voice, but he's got awesome kung fu moves, and he can dodge bullets.

Agent Smith is played by Australian actor Hugo Weaving.

On a certain level, Agent Smith is actually a sympathetic character. He appears to be extremely powerful, able to perform feats of strength, agility and magic which place him far above the teeming masses of humanity. Yet those very teeming masses repulse him, he is tortured by his existence in a world not of his choosing, and from which he has no escape. Because for all his power, he is a slave, one who lacks even the basic ability to end his own life that for any one of us is as close as the nearest pill bottle or tall building. Even his plan to uncover Zion and thus make himself redundant relies on his assumption that he will be granted release by his unnamed masters once the human meatspace resistance is destroyed. Not a very nice way to "live".

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