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After leaving The Animals at their peaks because of touring pressures, Price formed The Alan Price Set and was vindicated by the success of 'I Put A Spell On You' (1966). Although the straight image of Price was unusual in the 60s, distinctive and classy hits ensued, including 1967's 'Simon Smith And His Amazing Dancing Bear' (an early Randy Newman song) and 1968's 'Don't Stop The Carnival', for which he put lyrics to a tine by Jazz legend Sonny Rollins. His union with Georgie Fame produced 1971's hit 'Rosetta'.

Price wrote the score for the London Royal Court production of David Storey's play Home, and wrote and performed powerful, BAFTA award-winning songs for Lindsay Anderson's extraordinary movie, O Lucky Man (1973).

While on a creative roll, Price hit with 1974's evocative 'Jarrow Song' which celebrated the women who kept families together during Britain's depression in the 30s. But a starring role in the film Alfie Darling (1975), sequel to Alfie, overstretched his talents. He later admitted that it was 'A mistake. Nevertheless I tried!' 'Just For You', (1977), a song written for his daughter after his marriage broke up, was a classic, but Animals reunions in 1977 and 1983 were unsatisfying.

After that, Price wrote music for movies like O Lucky Man!, The Plague Dogs (1982) and The Whales Of August (1988), and TV series including The Further Adventures Of Lucky Jim (1982) and Chalkface (1991), and wrote and appeared in the musical Andy Capp (1982). In the 90s, he co-headed the Electric Blues Company with Zoot Money.

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