The Alaska Airline Milk Run is a series of flights operated by Alaska Airlines that currently travel up and down the Alaska Panhandle, between Seattle, Washington and Anchorage. In between Anchorage and Seattle, they stop at a number of smaller cities, ranging from the capital of Juneau to smaller cities such as Wrangell and Cordova. The intermediate cities are either located on islands, or on places that are otherwise inaccessible by road, so the air flights bring in cargo, as well as passengers.

Apparently, this is the one of two flights in the United States that follow this "milk run" format (the other is across several Pacific Islands), with a plane taking off and landing in several different airports before reaching its final destination. The time delay and added expense of stopping at an airport is usually not worthwhile, considering the economics and logistics of air travel. It is only in the Alaska Panhandle region, where there are a series of small communities that don't have other ways to obtain goods or travel, but are too small to have their own dedicated service, that the milk run model makes sense, currently. Even with that, about half of the airports are Essential Air Service airports, and receive subsidies. Along with providing a needed connection to small communities, the airflights, which make landings in several small communities with spectacular scenery, are also popular with certain tourists.

Since this flight model only works in a very specific geographic area, and even then, only with subsidies, it is unlikely that most people will have a chance to take this kind of flight, so this will probably be the only example of a "milk run" flight that most people could experience---at least in the United States.

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