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A German film made in 2000. The drama was directed by Esther Gronenborn, whose only previous experience was with directing video clips; it is thanks to this that the movie has some excellent camera work.

Cast Overview

Other cast members include:

  • Andrusch Jung
  • Axel Prahl
  • Arthur Rakk
  • Tobias Schenke

The film is set in Germany, when 16-year-old child of divorce Sabine is sent to live with her father on the outskirts of Berlin. The neighbourhood is dark, dirty, and rather ugly. On the way to her father's apartment, she meets 17-year-old Eddie. She asks him to show her the way to her father's apartment building, and after an interesting encounter she does eventually make it to her destination. The next day at school, Eddie is perplexed when Sabine walks into the classroom. He continues to see her during the day, and friends start teasing him about the attraction they feel towards each other.

Eddie's friend Micha has only recently been let out of a juvenile detention center on probation, which is nothing too new to him, because Micha has been convicted many times before. However Micha is now 18, and his coming of age means he will be dealt with in a more harsh manner. Micha is cautious, not changed... but wary of the police on his tracks. Yet one day Micha, Eddie and Stefen get into a fight with another youth and end up stabbing him, leaving him to bleed to death. Sabine was in the vicinity at the time though she only saw the killer flee the crime scene. Naturally she ran over to the victim once the scene was clear but the youth was already dead by then. Carelessly she drops her biology book as she flees the scene, which turns into evidence for the police.

Eddie and Sabine's relationship progresses as Sabine begins to work out who the murderer is, and makes for a very interesting and dramatic storyline. The movie concludes with a main character being murdered, however you won't be able to guess which until the very scene is set before your eyes.

Many of the actors used in the movie are locals to the neighbourhood in real life. As I mentioned before, the camera work is BRILLIANT. It gives the film a wonderful atmosphere and it's easy to lose yourself in the storyline. In the first ten minutes I found myself relating to the main character Sabine, this does not occur often. I would give this movie an 8 out of 10, but as far as I know there is no English version of the movie!

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