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Albert Shockley is one of Stephen King’s creations. Albert is a minor character in King’s third novel, The Shining. This is one of the more shadowy characters. Mr. Shockley is a single man. He is very independently wealthy. This wealth was probably obtained illegally but there is no way of knowing.

Shockley was a board member at Stovington Prep School during the time that Jack Torrance was also an employee there. Albert and Jack were drinking buddies, both men became alcoholics. Shockley is partial owner of the Overlook Hotel. He is the one responsible for getting Jack the job of caretaker the winter that Jack eventually has a complete psychotic break.

Albert Shockley later discourages Jack’s interest in researching and writing the history of the Overlook Hotel, in a phone conversation. The reason for this is Albert knows the unsavory background of his hotel and if the history of the hotel were to be published it would hurt business.

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