Alderac Entertainment Group (abbreviated AEG) is the company which currently controls the creative process for the Legend of the Five Rings games, of all sorts. (Wizards of the Coast owns the financial interests for the CCG) They will soon (year 2001) lose control over the creative process for the CCG, but they will maintain control over the RPG, the wargame named Clan Wars, and the Diskwars adaption. They also produce everything for 7th Sea (CCG, RPG, they also produce miniatures without an accompanying wargame) they used to own Pinnacle Entertainment Group, but recently split up with that company (with no harsh feelings between the two), but they still produce materials for some of Pinnacle's products: Doomtown (CCG, RPG named Deadlands, wargame named Rail Wars) and Brave New World (RPG)

Update: AEG just bought back the rights to control everything concerning the Legend of the Five Rings card game as well as all the other things that they produce for that game. In addition, in recent years they have released Warlord: Saga of the Storms as well as a few Adventurer's Keep modules for the d20 System. Finally, they have axed the Doomtown CCG.

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