Butler to Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. the Batman. Alfred Pennyworth and Batman appear in comics published by DC Comics.

Alfred Pennyworth originally started life wishing to be an actor, but decided that he would follow in his father's footsteps by becoming a butler. Alfred traveled from his native England to the United States where he came into the employ of Dr. Thomas Wayne and his wife, Martha. Alfred served the Waynes for years, until the fateful night that the Waynes were gunned down in cold blood. Alfred took on the task of raising the Waynes' only son, Bruce.

When Bruce was older, he traveled the world to learn the skills necessary to become the world's foremost detective and crime fighter. While Bruce was on his journeys, Alfred continued to watch over the Wayne family manor. When Bruce returned and decided to embark on a career of as the costumed hero Batman, he took Alfred into his confidence, making Alfred one of the few people in the world who knows the identity of Batman.

Alfred acts as Bruce Wayne's butler, chauffeur, cook, and personal secretary. Alfred also maintains the equipment that Bruce Wayne uses as Batman. Alfred has had training as an army medic and often uses these skills to help his employer after a hard night of battling the forces of evil.

The character of Alfred Pennyworth was portrayed by Alan Napier during the 1960's Batman television series. For the recent stint of movies, Alfred Pennyworth has been played by Michael Gough, who can recently be seen in the role hawking the On Star car system in television commercials.

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