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I'm so surprised to be the first one here! Found nothing even under Todo Sobre Mi Madre!

Direct translation of the original title, Todo Sobre Mi Madre, this Pedro Almodovar masterwork won the 2000 Oscar for foreign films and became one of the largest spanish movies ever.

Dropping some of the more kitschy elements of Almodovar's filmography, All About continues her exploration of women's roles. The stunning Cecilia Roth plays Manuela, who tries to find the father of his dead son. She travels to Barcelona, where she meets her old friend Agrado, played by an excellent Antonia San Juan, a transvestite; an actress called Huma Rojo (again, another great spanish actress, Marisa Paredes) and a pregnant nun (Penelope Cruz).

The cinematography is totally Almodovar, with his more characteristic shots (there is one sequence right out from Atame), but with a lot of winks to movie classics; also found in the plot (well, All About Eve and A Streetcar Called Desire are directly mentioned, but there are many others). As usual, the actresses are something special; truly Almodovar is wonderful directing women.

It's also interesting how Almodovar portrays Barcelona, with some well-known and some unfortunately-unknown parts of the city. He manages to capture very well its night life and many of the quirks of Barcelonites; check out Rosa Maria Sardà's short role.

All in all, an excellent movie, a good introduction Pedro Almodovar's semi-alternate reality (through I prefer Atame/Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!) and a great way to spend 105 minutes.

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