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All For Nothing/Nothing For All is a two disc set of various recordings by The Replacements. The first CD contains songs that were well-liked by the band but never caught much radio play. The second disc is a collection of b-sides outtakes and rare recordings that may wear on the nerves of somebody who is not a die-hard Replacements fan, but are wonderful if you are.

The track listing for disc one is as follows:

  1. Left Of The Dial
  2. Kiss Me On The Bus
  3. Bastards Of Young
  4. Here Comes A Regular
  5. Skyway
  6. Alex Chilton
  7. The Ledge
  8. Can't Hardly Wait
  9. I'll Be You
  10. Achin' To Be
  11. Talent Show
  12. Anywhere's Better Than Here
  13. Merry Go Round
  14. Sadly Beautiful
  15. Nobody
  16. Someone Take The Wheel
In addition to the audio tracks on this CD, there are a couple of data files, including music videos for Merry Go Round and Bastards Of Young encoded in QuickTime format.

The track listing for disc two is as follows:

  1. Can't Hardly Wait (this is the version from Tim)
  2. Birthday Girl
  3. Beer For Breakfast
  4. Till We're Nude
  5. Election Day
  6. Jungle Rock
  7. All He Wants To Do Is Fish
  8. Date To Church
  9. Cruella DeVille
  10. We Know The Night (my personal favorite)
  11. Portland
  12. Wake Up
  13. Satellite
  14. Like A Rolling Pin (a goofy cover of Like A Rolling Stone)
  15. Another Girl, Another Planet
  16. Who Knows
  17. All Shook Down
There are also a couple videos on this disc. We've got QuickTime files for Achin' To Be and The Ledge.

All in all, I'd say if you're a serious fan, this is a great collection. It doesn't contain very many of their harder punk songs, but it contains a lot of real gems, and it's a well put together mix.

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