I recieved this poem from a friend of mine, scrawled drunkenly on the back of a postcard (which of course is where all the best poetry is written). I found it in my room last night and decided to node it for posterity. For all I know, I have the only existing copy. It's flawed in places, but worth it for the last verse.

Throughout history
Greek myth, Hitler, Busby Berkley
Goddess, icon of the silver screen
Saving the world with her ammonia tints
Breaking hearts with pneumatic charm; yes
All girls should have been born blonde

We fall at their feet
They seem to have come from a higher place
Shimmering and glowing
Taking up too much space
Every midnight girl has been unjustly wronged
All girls should have been born blonde

Dietrich & Garbo snatch the light
Rotting empresses of fantasy
They’re fading me into the dark with my jet-black crown
The fair familiar steals my air
And I know,
All girls should have been born blonde

The Aryan bitch survived the Blitz
The Holocaust never hurt her
Dedicated to in poetry and song
All because the girl is blonde
My fur is the colour of earth
I should have been drowned at birth
The world would never have thought it wrong
All girls should have been born blonde

- Taylor Glasby

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