'All that she wants' was Ace of Base's first hit, and spent three weeks at number one in the UK charts in May and June 1993. The mixture of europop and reggae appeared at precisely the right time; 1993 was a year of eurodance and bouncy reggae-esque novelty hits. 'All that she wants' was surrounded by popular songs from Chaka Demus and Pliers, Shaggy, 2 Unlimited (the immortal, awe-inspiring 'No Limit') and Culture Beat. 1993 was a good year for pop.

It's worth noting that the song isn't literally about a woman who wants another child, as some newspapers seemed to believe at the time; the 'baby' of the chorus is meant to be interpreted in the same way as the 'baby' in almost every Pizzicato Five song, i.e. 'attractive partner of the opposite sex'.

Ver Base were generally ridiculed for being a mindless european hit factory, rather like the aforementioned 2 Unlimited, although it's interesting to note that the lyrics of most of their hits - this included - were quite downbeat or, in the case of 'Life is a Flower', so upbeat as to be suspicious.

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