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Rewrite: 7 Feb 2004

My original write-up here, written in November 2000, was in response to a few write-ups complaining about the dearth of candidates, in particular presidential candidates, who fulfilled one's wishes for someone worthy of leading our country, in this case, the "blessed" United States of America. We want someone we can admire. Neither George W. Bush nor Al Gore really inspires one to jump in and help make our community, our country, better the way a leader should.

My response was essentially that we have to become involved in the process before we can demand better. It's no wonder our politicians spend all their time sucking money out of corporate donors and spitting out attack ads. Most people pay scant attention to politics, so only sound bites get through all the signal-to-noise in our media.

Well, the 2004 election cycle is quite different for me, and I think for most people, than the 2000 election. Many world events have grabbed us by our collars and forced us to do something for our community. From where I sit, I cannot sit idly by and swallow the sound bites I know to be downright Orwellian. So, I will be involved this election cycle more than ever. I don't care who the candidates are, because I know the issues. I urge all of you to GET INVOLVED no matter what your ideology. If we have an electorate demanding to be informed and involved and LISTENED TO then maybe we'll expose some light on the underbelly of politics. In other words, if the people who vote PAY ATTENTION, then the bastards in our capital(s) have to do what we tell them to.

Only after we show we are a sentient electorate can we expect our candidates and leaders to be admirable and inspirational.

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