Gg i v e Me your tired & poor,
I will take them with me.
Ll e n d Me your burdens & worries,
For they are of no use to you here.

Rr e m e m b e r the world You leave behind,
difficult though it may be, waking,
Ii Know, Ii have seen Forgetting,
& know what it does to you here.

Dd e a f now, in dew-morning coolness the
faeries are all hiding but the sunlight is everywhere,
Ee v e r y w h e r e Thε Sun, Thε Colours
(elsewhen, there is bending in stead of refraction)

Ll i g h t in yr eyes—on yr hands—
this is not the night yielding to understanding
Tt h i s IS NOT YESTERDAY. (apolog—my eyes)
Tell me, do you see your forgotten moments,
in my eyes? on my hands?

wW H E R E are you excepting to find them?
Make expections. No one will inspect it.
Ll o s i n g t r a c k , Yy o u pPause;

Grass (green) beneath (between) toes , soles
trees (green) above (beneath) wind , leaf (leaf , leaf)
light (light—

Ww w w m — have iI
rR e a l l y forgotten so m u c h ?

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