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Born November 16, 1954 in Ashland, Kentucky, Allison Anders survived a bleak childhood to become a one of Independent Film's leading directors. Even before entering UCLA's film school, Anders would have her first child at the age of 17.

After attending junior college, Anders began studying at UCLA around the time of the birth of her second child. A Wim Wenders fanatic, Allison sent the fillmaker so many letters that he finally offered her a production assistant position on his 1984 film, Paris, Texas.

Upon graduating from UCLA, Anders made her celloid debut with Border Radio in 1987 with two former classmates. 1992's Gas Food Lodging was her first solo film and told the tale of a single mother with two teenage daughters. Mi Vida Loca (1994) was Anders' follow up film that explored the world of female gangs in the Echo Park area of Los Angeles.

Anders also directed one of the segments of "Four Rooms" (1995) along with other indie peers such as Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, and Alexandre Rockwell. In 1996 Allison took on "Grace of My Heart" starring Matt Dillion, Eric Stolz, and Illeana Douglas in the story of a 60's songwriter. Continuing with the music theme, Anders went on write and direct "Sugartown" (1999), about the Hollywood rock and roll scene and then "Things Behind the Sun" (2001) which focused on the life of a music journalist.

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