Movie by Christopher Guest starring Chris Farley and Matthew Perry, released in 1998.

Farley and Perry have quite an adventure in attempting to be the first to reach the west coast.

Almost every movie review of Almost Heroes depicts it as being terrible. But being the huge Chris Farley fan that I am, I cannot help but enjoy the flick. It is the last movie role Farley held before his death on December 18, 1997.
Movie from 1998, which is basically a buddy/road movie about two guys trying to beat Lewis and Clark to the Pacific Ocean. This movie is all about crazy commedy / slapstick, I know every critic hated this one. I don't really get that, I think it is one of Chris Farley's funnier movies. And Matthew Perry showed us that HE is the one to play Guybrush Threepwood, if there ever should be made a Monkey Island movie..


Directed by
Christopher Guest

Writing credits
Mark Nutter
Tom Wolfe

Matthew Perry .... Leslie Edwards
Chris Farley .... Bartholomew Hunt
Eugene Levy .... Guy Fontenot
Kevin Dunn .... Hidalgo
Bokeem Woodbine .... Jonah
Lisa Barbuscia .... Shaquinna
David Packer .... Bidwell
Steven M. Porter .... Higgins
Hamilton Camp .... Pratt
Patrick Cranshaw .... Jackson
Christian Clemenson .... Father Girard

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