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Amazing Stories was a television program from the 1980s. The executive producer was Steven Spielberg. Each episode had a different story that had a fantasy/fiction/horror edge to it.

One of the episodes of Amazing Stories was one where a WWII bomber goes out on a mission. After the mission is done, the plane flies back home, crippled. The plane isn't able to lower the landing gear and the belly gunner is stuck in his little dome under the plane. The captain, Kevin Costner, has to land on its belly, thus killing the belly gunner. The belly gunner is an artist and whips out a sketchpad. He draws the plane with its landing gear down and concentrates really hard. The plane comes down for a landing and amazingly big cartoon wheels pop out allowing the plane to land safely. Those able to catch this episode will find it very chilling and tense.

Another episode I remember concerns an elderly person who doesn't know they are dead. They keep on walking as some sort of undead person. They are convinced they need to lay down and die when they sneeze their nose off when someone (a loving grandchild perhaps?) exposes them to ground black pepper.

One episode of the show has a son who builds a house for his family out in the country on the site of a train accident. The ghost train ends up running through the house!

One episode concerns a meteor shower in a town that causes metal to stick to a mega-popular guy and some mega-geeky girl. It was funny to see spoons/cars/razors!/etc stick to them or come flying at them. Imagine the popular guy's horror when he sees the geek girl bum rushing him, ready to kiss him with the idea that they'll be stuck to one another forever!

There was another episode where some kid was told by an elf to never let go of his childhood and stop being a kid. He ends up in the desert in some tent surrounded by his childhood knick-knacks. He was tired of being a dirty vagrant bum with a bunch of old shit and was going to commit suicide until somebody recognized some of his toys were worth crazy bling. He sold some shit to become mega rich and the elf came back to visit him.

This is the kind of stuff that needs to be re-released on DVD! I loved Amazing Stories.
The Amazing Stories periodical appears next to George McFly in the movie, Back to the Future. The scene is when George McFly is visted by "Darth Vader" from the planet "Vulcan".

The first all science fiction periodical, started back in 1926 by Hugo Gernsback with the slogan, "Extravagant Fiction Today . . . Cold Fact Tomorrow." Stories would feature such futuristic technology as atomic energy, jet planes, space travel, radar, plastics, and computers, long before they were invented. Gernsback originally wanted to name the magazine Scientifiction, but no one was interested. In 1958, it was renamed Amazing Science Fiction, but it was changed back in 1960. It had a run of 69 years. Wizards of the Coast attempted to revive the title when they purchased TSR in 1997, and published the magazine from 1998-2000.

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