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Futurama Episode #34: Amazon Women In The Mood
Production #3ACV01
Date: Sunday, February 4, 2001 at 7PM
Intro Caption: "Secreted by the Comedy Bee"

While on a double date, Kif, Zapp Branigan, Leela and Amy accidentally get stranded on Planet Amazonia. A planet where giant Amazon women live without men and are lead by a giant computer named, "Femputer." When Fry and Bender come to the rescue, they end up being restrained by the Amazon women and ordered to be killed by "Snoo Snoo" along with Zapp and Kif. Since Bender has no sexual reproductive organs, he was exempt from the execution. Finally, after a few sessions of Snoo Snoo, Amy decides to rescue Kif (as they are in love), while Bender is seducing Femputer (who happens to be a Fembot in disguise). After having seduced Femputer, the crew is released and the men are relieved from their Snoo Snoo activities.

Note: Morbo was singing "Funkytown" by LIPPS Inc. karaoke in the restaurant where Zapp and Kif were double dating. Also in one scene, Leela sees a reflection of herself with two eyes in a puddle of water.

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