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This is a species of gigant warrior ants, which have no workers in their community. Their neighbours, kind little ants working and struggling to keep home a safe place secretes an alarm pheromone when their community is under attack. This alerts the little ants to run and hide when danger is approaching.

The Amazon ants have evolved a huge gland holding an allomone (interspecial pheromone) which resembles the alarm pheromone of their oppressed neighbours. The vicious Amazon ants however produce the substance in so great ammounts that the effect is not merely an alarm signal but results in panic among the tiny ants.

When these ants are stricken with panic the Amazons raid their homes for eggs and larva, bringing them back to their own community keeping them as slaves when they mature.

The jaws of the ferocious Amazon ants are so grotesquely shaped for killing that they cannot even eat by them selves. Instead, the enslaved little ants have to reach up to them and feed them.

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