Amen Brother is the name of a song by The Winstons recorded in 1969. It features a rolling Hammond organ, blasting horns and some hard hitting wicked drums. The song runs by you at a frantic pace until the 1:25 mark where the tempo slows down and you have the drum break of the tune.

This is definitely the most used drum break in the genre of jungle and probably all of electronic dance music. It's also on every single track on NiN's Halo 11 in one form or another. It's unbelievably phat and even found in hip-hop tunes like 3rd Bass's Wordz of Wisdom and Eric B & Rakim's Casualties Of War.

Other widely used breaks include Apache by the Incredible Bongo Band and Funky Drummer by James Brown's drummer, Clyde Stublefield.

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