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The AAHC is an academic/professional association that works with both history and information technology. It sounds like an odd combination, but historians became heavily involved with data storage and such long before many other academic disciplines did. They hold an annual convention, the location of which changes every year. Anyone may join; their website is at http://aahs.sfasu.edu/ ... they're pretty cool people, really; the membership is a huge range of historians of every field, librarians, statisticians, theorists and so on. Eavesdroppping at conversations at this year's convention would have caught mentions of everything from Nicholas Negroponte to J-STOR to virtual reproductions.

Their official blurb reads:
The American Association for History and Computing (AAHC) is dedicated to the reasonable and productive marriage of history and computer technology. To support and promote these goals, the AAHC sponsors a number of activities, including an annual meeting, an electronic journal--the Journal of the Association for History and Computing (JAHC), a continuing publication series, and a variety of summer workshops.

The association welcomes members from any endeavor relating to history, and anyone interested in the aims of the association is encouraged to join.

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