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Sega Master System
Developed and published by Sega, 1989

Nicely done baseball sim for a format not known for its sports games. Batting and pitching was performed in a pseudo-3D view with the other bases shown as pictures-in-picture. For fielding and running, the game switched to an aerial view, complete with radar showing the diamond. Other events (such as sliding into bases) were shown as close-up animations.

As well as all these bells and whistles (which, incidentally, I'd like to see a NES game do...) there was some primitive digitized speech ("Strike!", "Ball!", "Hit by a pitch!"). The music was a bit lacklustre however (the fielding music especially - consisting of 2 notes looped repeatedly). The game supported two players, and had league and exhibition modes. Certainly one of the better original games for the machine. Ported to the Sega Mega Drive as Super League Baseball.

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