The song "american girls" was written by Rivers during his solo show era in the 97-98 winter in boston. However the version recorded for the "Meet the Deedles" soundtrack is quite different from the solo shows' version. The older version was very up-tempo, a real rocking song. The new version was slower, more of a smooth R-n-B/country song with a pop feel.

Recorded in early 1998 in Boston at a "pro" studio. It is unknown which one.
The line up of Homie that recorded this song was:
Rivers Cuomo (Weezer) -- vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, lyrics, and melody
Yuval Gabay (Soul Coughing) -- drum loops
Matt Sharp -- (Weezer)co-producer and background vocals
Sebastian Steinburg (Soul Coughing) -- upright bass
Pat Wilson (Weezer) -- miscellaneous, drum playing (what got looped)
Greg Brown (Cake) -- electric guitar (lead and solos)
Brian Bell (Weezer), Justin Fisher, Adam Orth (both ex-Shufflepuck) and Todd Sullivan (weezer's a+r guy from Geffen ) -- backing vocals

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