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American Nightmare are a hardcore band from Boston, MA. Wes Eisold sings, Tim Cossar and Brian Masek play guitar, Matt Woods plays bass, and Jarrod Alexander bangs the skins.

They released their debut album, Background Music on Equal Vision Records in 2001. Previously they had released a demo tape as well as two EPs on Bridge Nine Records. The fist EP was self-titled and released in 2000. The second EP was released in 2001 and titled The Sun Isn't Getting Any Brighter.

As you can see, they're a fairly young band. This hasn't stopped them from gaining a huge following in the hardcore scene. When I saw them with Converge in November of 2001, there were kids singing along and 'dancing' to all the songs. This may be in part because the show was in Providence, RI a mere hour from their native Boston. Regardless of whether they're as popular nationally, they have the wholehearted support of the hometown crew.

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