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So I got up today and got dressed. You know, the usual. Shirt and a long skirt of some sort. Was going to work today. I mean shower. I was waiting for the shower. I had to get clean before I could get dressed. Shaun was in there taking up all the space. All the hot water. All the resources for getting out of the house in the morning.

Liked the Beefy Steak Chalupa only at Taco Bell? Then we know you'll love the zesty spiciness of our ground beef, lettuce and cheese, all rolled up into a grilled shell. Dong. Only at The Bell.

I got clean. I mean showered. I showered, let the water roll down my hair and off my buttocks and on to the floor, into the drain. Dried off. Hair, face, chest, legs, arms. Everything else was irrelevant, and would dry off by the natural heat of my body.

It was work. In the lab. I mean the computer room. I push the chairs in. I wasn't there yet, I was on my way. I was on the bus. I was getting to the lab. I need to get there to get the hours. I could then get a large paycheck. I would take this paycheck to the store and get large amounts of food and games and food and games. I would enjoy.

Make-up that doesn't smudge, so you can have a carefree day. Kiss what you want, eat what you want. It makes you feel like a woman. Revlon Stay-Fast Color Lipshield.

Getting to work. On the bus. Some girl has her radio too loud. Could faintly make out human voices, probably in English. Guy gets on, barely holding on to his pants. Inside out. No underwear. Mooning everybody. Showing his ass, in a desperate attempt to score a free fare. But it was off to work. Yes.

Work was behind the desk, with the music faintly in the background from someone's computer. It was the front desk. Working at the front desk, thinking about how exactly to change a printer cartridge. How long is that ribbon? Do I get ink all over me? Some one else could do it. But do they know? Reset. Working at the front desk, showing people over to Orientation. Teaching them to use our lab. I mean my lab. I mean his lab. I mean David. David's lab.

The Ford F350 boasts the best torque in it's class, and with no lack of horsepower it's sure to pull any load that you can imagine. With the added four wheel drive, no obstacle is an obstacle! Built Ford Tough.

The red sauce dripped a little bit. A little more. It kept drippi

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