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Amiga in a CD-ROM box.

Amiga Forever, made by Cloanto, first and foremost contains what every UAE user needs: A copy of AmigaOS 3.1 and the Kickstart ROM images, all properly licensed for use with emulators. It also includes some conversion and transfer software (Amiga Explorer), and some other Cloanto's titles like Cloanto Personal Paint.

The most recent incarnations include a whole lot of other software as well, including Directory Opus, "Glowicons" stuff, launcher dock, and stuff like that. Regrettably the newest incarnations of the AmigaOS (3.5 or 3.9) need to be bought separately if you want the coolest of the cool system, but otherwise, the collection is extremely cool.

It also comes/came with a cool checker-ball sticker to really turn your PC into an Amiga. =) (...though my copy of AF 5.0 was shipped in a single-CD box without the sticker. Damn... it did come with AF 2.0.)

The point of this compilation is that even if Amiga hardware is not as "current" as it once was, the spirit of Amiga will probably never die, not at least as long as people care... The package succesfully recreates the Amiga on modern PC hardware - while purists say Amiga isn't Amiga without the hardware, I think this is a reasonably close equivalent. =)

Home page as of writing: http://www.cloanto.com/amiga/forever/

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