According to Utah Phillips, a "Catholic anarchist pacifist vegetarian, draft refuser in two world wars, tax resister one-man revolution in America."

In the late 1960s, Ammon Hennacy wrote:

I have considered my response to whether or not I am an anarchist or a Catholic first. I now offer the following thoughts.

I choose

  1. to be an anarchist-pacifist and oppose as much as I can all war and violence and the state, which lives by these methods;
  2. to be a Christian, a follower of Christ, outside any church;
  3. to seek to understand and to love my enemy;
  4. not to expect to make the world see this now, but to continue my one-man revolution, no matter what the result is to me personally;
  5. to help the poor, especially the transients, for this is where the state leaves off and the anarchist begins;
  6. not to smoke, drink, eat meat, or take medicine and to approximate the life of the poor among whom I live.
  7. I recently married out of the church, so in addition my personal emphasis is make my wife, Joan, happy and help her and myself to grow in every way; continue to be awake enough to oppose war and exploitation in this crazy world and not to chicken out; search for more truth as to what is best for myself and the world.

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