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Take this as you will. I found a stack of copies among the free newspapers at Ruminator Books in St. Paul, Minnesota. Hal Dorland ran for U.S. Senate in 2000 on the DFL ticket (Democratic Farmer Labor, Minnesota's Democratic party). He received 610 votes. If you buy into this sort of thing, one of his claims is supported at http://www.trance-formation.com/book_excerpts/game.htm


Hal Dorland, DFL Candidate for the U.S. Senate, 2002
212 W. Thompson, W. St. Paul MN, 55118-2154

September 1, 2001

An Open Letter

Dear Vice President Dick Cheney,

I might as well bite the bullet, if you'll excuse the term, and send this letter to you by certified mail, to the Rockefellers, and to every reporter, Congressman and woman I know (hundreds of whom I know), as "life insurance." But I digress. Let's get serious.

Rep. Gary Condit went to you for help with the pregnant Chandra Levy, who had threatened to go public unless he married her right away. You told him not to worry, that you would take care of it. You arranged a free helicopter ride for Chandra out over the Atlantic. Miss Levy had wanted to go to work for the CIA, and thought that the ride would help. But when your man arrived to pick her up, she suddenly sensed that he was going to harm her and began screaming for help. Someone in another apartment in her building heard her calls and telephoned 911. You have since gone out of your way to keep the identity of the caller secret, even though D.C. Police Chief Charles Ramsey "slipped up" on Bob Shieffer's TV program, "Face the Nation," and let the cat out of the bag about that emergency call. Gloria Borger and Bob were obviously stunned with the news!

I also know that you are the Rockefeller de facto President. Junior Bush was merely "cover" because the Rockefellers realized that they could never get you elected. And that you will run the war they have planned for the Middle East. Will you start it in October? I know the the real reason for this war is to save our stock market from collapsing and thereby setting off what I call "The Great Depression II." I also know that part of your plan is to wipe out Isreal [sic] so that in the future you'll have an easier time dealing with the Arab oil states. The Rockefellers and Daddy Bush tried this once before, in the unnecessary Gulf War. I've been told that my work saved all 4 million Israelis from dying in Iraqi gas attacks the week of Oct. 14-21, 1990. If so, I'm proud of what I've done, believe you me! But I've also heard that as many as 40 million Arabs will die too. This is rank insanity and I herewith demand that you call off this war immediately!

I'm asking Congress to impeach you a.s.a.p. You are another Adolf Hitler, and a person who is far to dangerous to remain in office, even for one more day. People in D.C. tell me that both you and Rep. Condit are into extreme S&M, as was Hitler. And that you have killed many young women already, in "human hunting" at Greybill[sic], Wyoming.

I'm well aware that I'm risking my life by bearding the lion (you, Dave, and Larry), but I've lived a long life, and I don't want to see my little grandchildren Natalya, Britain, and Ciaran die in a nuclear war, something the Rockefellers have long advocated. When I was an American diplomat in the JFK years, I used to shudder whenever Nelson Rockefeller would state, "Nuclear war is winnable." That has to be the most insane thing ever voiced by any U.S [sic] politician in all our 400-year history. I once talked to Dean Rusk about it, and he said there was nothing he could do to stop the Rockefellers who were hell-bend [sic] on nuclear war. The war in the Mid-East could easily escalate into an all-out nuclear war that could kill all 280 million Americans, and you know it! I'm also particularly concerned about the other children, such as the Dodge kids, Matthew Rivine and Olivia Esprit, who live here in West St. Paul. And the kids who live in these apartment buildings, Mikayla, Ashley, Lisa, and Mysah. Get sane! You ought to be locked up in St. Elizabeth's. Stop your wholesale murder!

I would strongly urge you to resign right now.

Yours truly,
[handwritten] Hal Dorland (nervous as hell)
[typed]Hal Dorland, a lover of life and a Democratic candidate in Minnesota in 2002 for the U.S. Senate.

P.S. I saw a PBS "Frontline" program on Pope John Paul II this past week and he is extremely depressed about the world situation, identifying the past 100 years as suffering from the "Culture of Death." I'll do everything I can to join the Pope to stop your killing, even if you and the Rockefellers kill me. And don't threaten my son and his family (Adolph's Persuader) they [sic] way you did if Sen. Edward Kennedy were to run for President in 1984, or if Sen. John McCone [sic] were to team up with Gov. Jessee Ventura [sic] to run as third-party candidates in the election of 2000. You people are monsters.

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