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Imagine a warm afternoon...

You are sitting together in the cottage garden outside her house. It is a riot of colour and completely closed off from the outside world, as the driveway gate is closed.

There is just the two of you, and the sights and scents and sounds of summer... The air is filled with lavender and herbs and roses, there is a drone of bees and a bellbird calling, and a gentle breeze is blowing. Not enough to chill, just enough to take the edge off the sun's heat....

She leans over and gives you a slow, lazy kiss, taking her time about it... you raise a hand to her head and hold her there, her mouth on yours, as you slip your tongue between her lips. 'Mmmmmmmmmmmmm' she murmurs... less a sound than a gentle vibration on your mouth.

She takes your face between her hands as the kiss deepens, stroking it, exploring it with her fingers, getting to know every part of it...Then her hands slide down your neck, and across your shoulders caressingly, but she never breaks the kiss. A sound of pleasure comes from your throat.... Your arms go round her, and you pull her tight against you, and she gasps at how you feel... whispering, "That's wonderful... you feel so good…”

You lift your lips from hers for a second and ask with a grin and a suggestive twinkle in your eye, "Would you like to go inside?" She just smiles and shakes her head. Then she stands up and takes your hand. She leads you towards the corner of the garden, where the honeysuckle climbs the fence and gestures towards the mossy lawn... "Wouldn't this be nicer?" she asks.

You smile, and you kneel, facing each other on the ground. Your hands unfasten each other's shirts, removing them with caresses, and then you reach behind her and undo her bra.

The breeze touches your skin and you lean against each other, kissing. You can feel her taut nipples pressing hard against your chest and your hands come up to stroke her breasts. She whimpers quietly as your thumbs brush firmly over those hard tips, and then pushes you gently backwards until you are lying on the soft moss as she kneels above you. Her hands are at your waistband and she strips you, quickly and effectively, so that in moments you are completely naked.

She bends her head to kiss the tip of your stiff cock and take it in her hands, caressing it, stroking it. You give a long, low, moan of pleasure which cuts off with a gasp as she takes the head into her mouth. 'Oh, yes...' you breathe. Her tongue teases you with little flickering motions across and around the tip, tracing the foreskin, as her hands keep stroking you... your cock, your balls, your thighs. You sit up a little and unfasten her skirt pushing it, and her underwear, off her hips.

She wriggles right out of her clothes, still licking and caressing you, then she presses you backwards again, lifts her head and sits astride you. "Yes?" she says.

You just nod.

She slips herself onto you with a delicate slowness, and you both gasp as you are enclosed within her hot cunt and its walls sheath and embrace you. You lift your hips to meet her downward movement, eager to be deep inside, as eager as she is to have you there. She starts to move back and forth with an insistent rocking motion, leaning forward to kiss you intensely, once again holding your face between her hands. Your hands in their turn caress first her breasts then her shoulders and back, then down, until they are resting lightly on her hips.

She increases both the pace and the pressure of her movements, pressing down against you hard, stimulating her clitoris with every movement… she is hot and slick as she slides over you, and you are loving every moment of it.

Your hands tighten on her hips and pull her down on you tight as you drive your hips up against her, pushing yourself further and further into that inviting, bewitching heat. You are both moving rapidly now, frantically...your tongues tangle, as much a part of the love-making as the other place you are joined.

Faster, harder, deeper, you move. She is struggling for breath, and shuddering as her climax crashes over her, but still she doesn't slow her insistent movements, but just keeps on moving on you, enthusiastically. She can feel your orgasm approaching, as you tense, your breathing shallow and gasping... Suddenly, you force your hips up hard and she gives a scream of complete abandonment... you are so deep inside.

Once, twice, three times you thrust and then you come deep, deep inside her with a yell, as she gives a long shuddering sob, her orgasm rocking her one last, incredible time. Utterly spent now, she kisses you, slowly, sweetly and whispers "Thank you".

You wrap your arms around her and hold her there on top of you, and for a few eternal moments you just lie, together totally, exhausted and happy. Finally she moves to rest cradled against your shoulder. She looks up into your eyes, smiles and says 'I love you'.

You get home from the shops laden with plastic carry bags which make you sweat if they touch your bare skin for even a second.

You collapse through the front door, expecting a wall of cool air to hit you as you come in from the sweltering heat. Instead, the air is hotter than it is outside, as there isn't even a breeze hinting at a cool night. The spark of annoyance you've been feeling all day (you're never good in the heat, you just can't deal with it for some reason) turns into an unexpected tantrum. You drop the bags you're carrying mid-stride and walk to the air-conditioner. As you approach it, you hear a voice.

"It's broken. Don't bother," the love of your life says. You turn and see him standing naked against the fridge, leaning on the cool whiteness. You feel defeated- all day at work you've just wanted to come home to your nice cold house.

The love of your life takes a few steps towards you and winks.

"I know a way we can get even hotter tonight, baby," he says in what he thinks is a seductive manner. You just stand and look at him, incredulous. If you were any less horny you would be comatose.

"You've got to be kidding. I'm smelly and tired and hot and lazy and I've been at work all day and we have to go to dinner with your friends tonight. Get dressed," you snap.

Just another afternoon in summer.

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