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From inside the kitchen I can hear the pot come to a boil
and I rise from the couch and turn it down to a simmer.
On the way back and forth I swear I can see the aroma wafting in the air
and my mouth waters at the thought of a home cooked meal.

It won’t be long now until it’s done
but since I’ve got some to spare I decide to take some inventory
Meat, check, potatoes, check, veggies, check, beverage, check
Knife, check, fork, check, spoon, check, plate, check.

Hmm, that didn’t take quite as long as I thought it would,
maybe I’ll wander off to the bedroom and do some inventory taking there

I laugh to myself at the term “wander”,
for it’s hard to get lost in a three room apartment.

I peek into the closet and see a stack of neatly folded polo shirts,
they represent most of the colors of the rainbow, all monochromatic in their own way.
Beneath them hangs rows of trousers, khaki’s and jeans mostly
but the occasional dress pairs that I haven’t worn for ages are still draped over their hangers

Lower still are the business casual shoes and for fancy occasions, the dressy ones
Which like their brethren, the dress pants, haven’ seen the light of day since who knows when?
I don’t get dressed up any more like I used to do I?
Come to think of it, does anyone in my circle of friends do that anymore?

Last but not least, row upon row of slippers, remnants from birthdays and Christmas’s past
and a smile crosses my face as I slip out of my shoes into something more comfortable.
Whatever was simmering was done simmering and it’s time to eat
as evidenced by the growing rumble in my stomach

A simple pair of slippers to go with a simple set of clothes and simple meal
sure do go a long way to making a simple kind of comfortable.
Yup, I have an entire army of slippers and clothes and food to surround myself with
and it seems a shame there’s only one body to put them in.

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