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For man knew not his place, he rose above the lord,
His pride betrayed his face, but like the peacock roared.
His hubris strutting round, man honoured those the most,
Who flaunted knowledge found, defy'ng the holy ghost.
With holy science modified man plant and beast,
He thought approval nodded her head by giving feasts.
Uncaring that the Earth, his only world would die,
He raped her hard of worth, until the tears she cried,
Began to flood his works, and as she fought him back,
He thought to leave and smirked. Science's witless knack:
Inspiring flames to toil, to thrust man in the sky,
To find new worlds to boil. His powers so applied,
Man finally begot his reward from the lord,
And struck by bolts of war, his hate though ne'er ignored,
Came back as never'n yore, instead of living with his foe,
That painted beast abhorred, he damned himself and showed,
How sorely wisdom lacked, and paid his life to slay,
His foe whose victory remains unknown today,
For who remembers death, when all have gone and died,
His ruins, poison's breath, now serve him to deride.

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