On really cold nights I think of her.   It was 17 last night. 

What I remember is that she was a high strung girl, who liked being comfortable.  She usually wore an old pair of jeans with holes in the knees.  She only had two or three pair and I don't think any of them were hole-free.  Balled up in the corner of our bedroom or thrown in the backseat of her car.    There were times she dressed up for work or for weddings, but it didn't suit her and she ditched what she called her "Grown up"  clothes as fast as she could.   A tshirt and the jeans were what she wore most of the time.

The exception was winter, of course and when it was really cold- say below  20, she would thrown on an old hoodie that I think was her brothers.  Maybe an old boyfriend's?

I didn't ask and she didn't offer.  It was grey and at least one size bigger than her five foot nothing shoulders.  It was also a bit paint-stained and the zipper had stopped working years ago.   On really cold nights she would throw it on any way and wrap it around herself, even though it wouldn't close anymore.    

"It's fine," she said-   "I like it"   And she did like it and it fit her perfectly.   And we fit for a while as well.    

Not as close as that coat.  Not as comfortable as those jeans, but pretty good,  for a while.   I think about her from time to time,  especially when it get real cold.   My own hoodie is pretty old.  

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