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This question is for the ladies. It may sound, ahem, tongue-in-cheek, but actually it's a very serious proposition: Are you able to have anal orgasms?

If you've never had one, well then you really, really ought to try. The anal orgasm is a powerful addition to any woman's orgasmic arsenal, complementing and supplementing the usual clitoral and vaginal varieties. You deserve it. And here is how you can learn to have them, in three easy steps.

First, I presume you are already versed in receiving oral sex. If not, welcome to the Twenty-First Century!! I'm sure you already know to be clean down there. You'll need an anus clean enough to eat out of, after all. Now, have your lover lick you in the usual way until you orgasm regularly a few times, three or four to get warmed up. Five or six if you're nervous. Then get your ankles behind your ears and essentially have them lick you stem to stern, stimulating your anus and vagina at the same time (did I mention hygiene is key? naturally).... ideally, your partner can use the tip of their tongue on the backdoor while using the upper lip to titillate the clitoris. Now let's get this clear, we're not talking about anal tongue-fucking here. Nothing needs to go past any sphincters. The exterior anus has all the sensitivity required for this task. Start with just a little anal, a teeny bit, a tease, and a lot of vaginal/clitoral stimulation. Long slurping/sucking motions. But definitely involve the anus, and do so ever-so-much more as the next orgasm approaches.

You might not have an anal orgasm at the first pass, but as licking of the anus and other sex parts intensifies, you ought to be able to have a small anal orgasm to start with. Then keep it going while focusing more on the ass each time. An excellent technique, once the more powerful ones have begun, is to alternate flickering of the tongue against the anus (two to three quick strokes) with quick, deep tongue penetration into the vagina, while opening the mouth so that the upper lip stimulates the clitoris, and then suck gently on the whole for a very brief moment before returning to flicker upon the anus. Observe, as well, that with a properly trained tongue, the middle part of the tongue can be stimulating the vagina while the tip dances around the rear entry. You'll find it's magical!! (and, for you lovers of these anally orgasming women, magical to watch, and to be the initiator of). And for the one doing the licking, take stock of the situation, take a mental photograph, but one extended to record all the sensations of the moment, the tastes and smells, the glistening of sweat on her brow and wetness between her legs, the sound of your slurps and her orgasmic moans. Steal a moment's glance at the little pucker you are giving delight to.

And remember, the reason you can have orgasms in your anus is because they were all in your head all along. By the way, you may know some men who have the ability to have anal orgasms as well. In women, it is something externally best built up to through multiple orgasms from other sources. And so, in men, it most come by another route, likely anal penetration resulting in direct prostate stimulation. The greater ease with which women can achieve this feat (and repetitively at that) epitomizes that which makes women more exciting sexually, because they are more sexually nuanced. Men essentially have an on-off state, get hard, get off, and then find it hard to maintain interest in being sexual. Woman seem to have so many levels of arousal and orgasm, every one a tapestry of pleasure to pour out into our Universe!!

I make a faithful effort to teach every girl I ever date to orgasm this way. Some are unwilling to try; those who try almost always find they can. And once they learn it, they'll demand it from every lover they have after, which I find a quite exciting thought. So if you've never gone that route, I dearly hope you find somebody to do this with!!

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