Anarchy Online the MMORPG is, refreshing to say the least. After all these medieval/fantasy everquest clones, a MMORPG set in the future has to be good. Unfortunately at its current state version 11.5 it's plague with some nasty bugs, random disconnects, bad server stability and what not. But i've been told the first month of everquest was worse. There are a variety of different races and classes to be in AO, for more info there are some excellent guides located here:

I wrote this wu because I was waiting for the login server to go back, only to find that my character had died, and respawned in the same spot that I had died in, sans inventory. This is why the wonderful /terminate function comes in handy. Anyways, it appears to working now, so i'll go powerlevel some more.

Actually, the game has gotten alot better with 12.0, and the upcoming 12.5 is supposed to be all that, and a box of small furry rodents. Some more resources are

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