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Prominent Russian watercolorist and architect, now a resident of California. Krasnyansky's works reflect a strong Baroque influence while breaking the boundaries of traditional use of watercolor. His use of strong, defined strokes and rich color generates a defined sense of graceful motion.

The colors in Krasnyansky's works reflect his Russian heritage, as do the subjects. Rich reds and warm yellows are complemented by somber blues and sharp-edged contrast. His cityscapes depict the beautiful oniondomes of the former Soviet Union. Some works are very subdued in feeling, while others trumpet the joys of life in one abstract glimpse.

One of the many bounds-breaking methods used by Krasnyansky is the use of various paper textures. This allows for a more thorough depth-of-field in a watercolor setting.

Anatole Krasnyansky's work is most widely available through Park West Gallery, his contracted gallery.

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