The ancient Egyptians, like most people, loved eating good food, and drinking good drinks.
Almost all of their food was home-grown.

The rich drank wine, and ate alot of meat; calves, oxen, duck, pigeon, goose, and stork.
Even the poor had a good healthy diet of, bread, vegetables, fruit, and fish from the Nile. Most people drank beer brewed from barley.

Beer was made by half baking loaves of barley bread, then crumbling the half baked loaves, into a mixture of barley and water. It was then put into a jar, which was then sealed and left to ferment. After a week or so the result was thick and lumpy beer. It was then strained through a wooden sieve before being served.

Wine was made by; Grapes being sqaushed to extract the juice. It was then poured into clay jars, then sealed and labelled.

Cooking was done outside. It was far to hot and dangerous to cook inside. Fires were started by rubbing a bow string against a rock.
On these outdoor fires, meat from cows and sheep was grilled.

Paintings have been found of ancient Egyptian foods. These paintings give us a clear idea of what they used to eat.

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