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The clothing worn by ancient Egyptians were light and cool, seeing in Egypt it is very hot.
These clothes were made from fine, undyed linen cloth and needed very little stitching as they were draped around the body.
Colourful decoration and jewellery were often worn with these clothes (if you could afford it).
Children quite often wore nothing at all.

Linen was a common material at the time because flax ( the plant that produces linen threads ) grew easily by the Nile river
White was the colour of purity. Although the Egyptians sometimes used brown and blue dyes.

Old Kingdom Women wore a simple tube dress made from linen, sewn together with straps attached to the top. They wore no underwear what-so-ever.
This style did not change, although in the New Kingdom it was more elegant.

Men wore short kilts to the knee during the Old Kingdom. In the Middle Kingdom the style of kilts changed and became straight and longer.

By the New Kingdom fringing and pleating became popular.

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