This is the title of Nine Inch Nails' live CD/DVD/VHS compilation that came out January 22, 2002.

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The CD, produced by Trent, contains sixteen songs performed live during the 2000 Fragility V2.0 U.S. tour and is the first-ever live album from NIN.

The CD will also be sold in a deluxe format which includes a very special bonus disc, Still, containing select NIN songs recorded live in a deconstructed fashion, as well as some new material...

The DVD/VHS, produced by Trent with Rob Sheridan directing, contains eighteen songs which recreate the Fragility concert experience from beginning to end, using video footage collected over the course of the entire U.S. tour. The DVD/VHS was shot, edited and produced digitally, using Apple hardware and software.

The DVD version will feature 5.1 surround sound and extra features including multiple camera angles, audio commentary, still photos, and more. It will be available in both DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 formats.
Track lists:
CD Tracklist:
01. Terrible Lie
02. Sin
03. March of the Pigs
04. Piggy
05. The Frail
06. The Wretched
07. Gave Up
08. The Great Below
09. The Mark has been Made
10. Wish
11. Suck
12. Closer
13. Head Like a Hole
14. The Day the World Went Away
15. Starfuckers, Inc.
16. Hurt

DVD/VHS Tracklist:
01. Terrible Lie
02. Sin
03. March of the Pigs
04. Piggy
05. The Frail
06. The Wretched
07. Gave Up
08. La Mer
09. The Great Below
10. The Mark has been Made
11. Wish
12. Complication
13. Suck
14. Closer
15. Head Like a Hole
16. Just Like You Imagined
17. Starfuckers, Inc.
18. Hurt

"Still" Bonus Disc
01. Something I Can Never Have
02. Adrift and at Peace
03. The Fragile
04. The Becoming
05. Gone, Still
06. The Day the World Went Away
07. And All That Could Have Been
08. The Persistence of Loss
09. Leaving Hope
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Last updated: Dec. 12, 2002

The track listing for the dvd shown above is actually a bit decieving. Unsurprisingly, Trent Reznor and company decided to load their first dvd release with hidden material. Using different keystrokes with your remote at certain places on the dvd will bring this hidden material to the surface. Here are the instructions on how to reach each portion of hidden material as well as a brief description of the content:

Marilyn Manson footage:
Instructions: During "Starfuckers Inc." on disc 2 at 24:14 press Enter
Description: The end of "Starfuckers Inc." is performed with Marilyn Manson on vocals. After the song concludes, Manson stays to perform "The Beautiful People". This footage was obtained from NIN's NYC show at Madison Square Garden on 05/09/00.

"The Day the World Went Away": Instructions: During the transition between "Head Like a Hole" and "Just Like You Imagined" on disc 2, press left, right, down, up and enter at 16:09.
Description: Music video for "The Day the World Went Away." Though the music playing in the video is the live track from the CD/Cassette release, most of the visual portion is not live like the rest of the dvd. There are a few shots of half of Trent's face while the background behind him moves followed by a series of still shots of typical NIN artwork that go in and out of focus. Toward the song's climax, it cuts to live video resembling the rest of the dvd.


Instructions: At 1:06 on the track "Suck"(disc 2), hit left, up and enter.
Description: This is a performance of "Reptile" that must have been taken from one show on the tour, since the song wasn't on their usual setlist. The song is quite a bit shorter than the version found on The Downward Spiral, which is a good thing. A great performance overall, though I can see how they would have trouble finding a place it in their setlist.

Alternate performance of "Gave Up":

Instructions: After 26:58 on "Gave Up" (disc 1), press enter.
Description: Like the "Reptile" footage, this version of "Gave Up" was taken entirely from one venue. The stage's backdrop makes the venue's location at the Gorge Ampitheater in George, WA easily identifiable. The performance is intense and dead-on which must have been why they decided to add it to the dvd.

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