Henry VIII has created his own church and executed some wives and it looks as though Anne Boleyn is next if things don't shape up. A saucy wench, dear Anne made one hell of a mistress but as a wife things seem to be getting stale. Can she bring back the romance? Will she spice up her love-life before she loses her head?

If Anne Boleyn loses her head, the pirates have already won.

I'm willing to bet she hits up Katyana for some pointers before being placed on the execution block. That's what I'd do. Especially since I hear ol' Henry's got his eye on someone new. I mean, I don't know who Amber is, but she's got a stalker.

Historically accurate schmaccurate. Come for the beer. Come for the pirates. Come for the men in kilts. Mmmm...kilts. Not a lady? Come for the "who can spot the deepest cleavage" contests. Hell, sport your own low cut wench costume demonstrating your superiority above those small chested whelps. I will if you will!

When? October 4
The Festival is open from 10:30 am - 7:00 pm, so that's how long the meet lasts.

Where? Crownsville, Maryland
For directions go to: http://www.rennfest.com/mrf/general/directs.htm

How much? $16 at the gate + food n stuff
Bring your CVS or Giant Eagle card and get a discount.

What'll we do?
That'll be the interesting part since everyone knows noders can't agree on anything.

I say we start the day off right with a pirate adventure. There's a show at the Globe Theatre at noon, The Fair Maid of the West, about a tavern maid gone a'swashbuckling from Plymouth to Morocco. But it's an hour long..so if your attention span is short and your ass is hard, perhaps we should meet inside the gate at the circular garden (you can't miss it) at noon instead.You let me know, and I'll have the definite's for meeting posted the week of the meet. We'll meet inside the gate at noon.

I've gandered at the schedule and here are some interesting things - by no means am I implimenting a "must do" list:
  • 1:30pm at the Globe Theatre, Shakespeare's Skum: Macbeth in 20 minutes or less.
  • 2:30pm at Fortune Stage, Fight School. Fun with sharp pointy things.
  • 4pm at the Jousting Arena, The King's Joust. Men on horses poking each other with sticks.
  • 6pm at White Hart Tavern, The Pub Sing. Beer and singing...cheers!

It's Oktoberfest!! Sample the beer! Drink the ale! Down the meade!
Just remember to leave your car keys with a responsible wench if you're planning on getting schnockered.

Who came????
scribe +1
multi-creamer +2

Who did the pirates hold hostage?
Everyone else

If you're traveling from afar be sure you've made
sleeping arrangements. This is a one day meet.

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