Title of Yo La Tengo's 2000 release. This is one of the sweetest albums I own. It never fails to water my eyes just a little bit. I suppose Yo La Tengo should be classified as indie rock (this album was released on Matador Records), but the mellow, sweet sound appeals to just about everyone I've played it for. The second track, Our Way to Fall, has deep sentimental value to me. I played it for my girlfriend at a very special time in our relationship, and it became "our song." I highly recommend that you play this if you want to tell your special someone how you really feel.

Regardless of sentimental value, this album is a great chill-out record and I think you should buy it.

And the tracks are...

  1. Everyday
  2. Our Way To Fall
  3. Saturday
  4. Let's Save Tony Orlando's House
  5. Last Days Of Disco
  6. The Crying Of Lot G
  7. You Can Have It All
  8. Tears Are In Your Eyes
  9. Cherry Chapstick
  10. From Black To Blue
  11. Madeline
  12. Tired Hippo
  13. Night Falls On Hoboken

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