I don't even know how or why I'm at this job.

The elevator was small and smelled bad. Getting on with a crowd of people during busy times was hell itself. Then again, the building wasn't any better. All the hallways were dim and narrow, the cubicles cramped and the bathrooms, oh god, the bathrooms. One stall was always out of order and the light always flickered. The smell of disinfectant didn't cover the smells of urine and feces, it mixed right in. Eventually I was promoted and got an office. It was a step up from the cubicles; more room and even a secretary. It wasn't exactly everything I had dreamed about but it was still better than before. I still had to use the same elevator.

There is another elevator in the building, but it's pretty exclusive. It only goes to the top floor, where the Boss is. All the new guys like to believe that if they work hard and do their best that one day they will be allowed up into that elevator and sent up to the top floor. Anybody that sticks it out for a year knows better. It's not about what you do, it's about being on good terms with the Boss. You can be the best little worker in history but that won't get you the key to the elevator. Oh yeah, have I mentioned the key yet? It's one of the funny looking kind on a necklace of all things. I've known some terrible workers with that damn thing hanging off their necks.

The sad thing is almost everyone, in the back of their minds, wants to get one of those keys; even me. I mean, the alternative is either quit or stay here. Sure there are a few weirdos that don't care about the key but I'd bet my job that even one of them wouldn't throw away an opportunity to go to the top floor and meet the Boss. If you never get invited to the top floor you'll eventually be sent down to the basement.

No one has ever seen the Boss.

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