Sitting on the futon in my living room, we talked all night. We had met before, but only once. Somehow, she ended up at my house that night (facilitated, possibly, by my roommates). She talked about her ex-boyfriend. I talked about mine. We talked about Ani DiFranco.

Suddenly, she looked at me and said seriously: "Can I tell you something? Without anything getting weird?"

Shrugging, I nodded.

"I was interested in you when I met you," she admitted, looking down, examining something on the futon. "There was something we had in common ... I don't know. I've been trying to get up the nerve to hang out with you for a while."

Blankly, I looked at her, confused. "What is this beautiful, beautiful woman settling for?" I wondered vaguely.

"Ummmm ... so, I just wanted you to know that. I mean, I want to just chill with you, but I thought you should know ..." She finally looked up from the futon. "Is everything cool?"

I grinned. "Yeah ... I appreciate you letting me know," I smiled at her.

Then, she shifted position and smiled a little sigh of relief, and ... her knee touched mine.

And I somehow knew this situation was only going to get more complicated.

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