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Rewind back to around nine years ago, being a ten year old boy, a loner, but forced to grow up early because of an abusive childhood, growing up with drugs and prostitution as commonplace as though they were the regular family picnic.

Walking home from my one close friends house, some time after dinner, I hear the usual roar emanating from the house. Great, My stepdads home, off his face too it sounds like. I walk in the door, cautiously, to avoid any thrown objects only to see my mother lying on the floor. It seemed they weren't fighting, but mum was unconcious on the floor and my step father was on the phone, frantic. By the tone of his voice, it seemed very serious, all the while I stand there stunned by this sight.

A few moments later, I hear the telltale ambulance signals, and my mother is hauled off into the ambulance, still unconcious. My step father says mum has the "brain flu". (In reality she had overdosed on bad herion, my step fathers test subject it would seem.)

Not being a totally stupid kid, I realise the problem, after having seen the effects of drug usage, and seen overdoses previously. I get mad. This brings swift retribution from my step father and it ends with me jumping from my sisters second story bedroom window in order to avoid the crack of his fist.

I decide to give him a while to cool down, so I head down through the backyard, to my little exploration area down the road. It consisted of a small creek with a tunnel under a bridge. Quickly realising it was too dark to stay out, I consider my options and return towards home, only to go to the neighbours, (a lesbian couple, incidentally, both named cris) and stay the night there, mainly for fear of my step father.

The next day I return home, to find my step father and sister out, so I carefully climb in through the kitchen window, on the first floor, and proceed through to my parents room. I find what I am looking for, 3 packages of fine white powder, one opened, the rest sealed carefully. I bring them back to the neighbours, and ask them for help.

The police were waiting for him when he arrived back from visiting my mother in hospital.

He's out of jail now, but he wouldn't dare come back to the eastern/southern states, for the higher up drug dealers dont take kindly to snitches.

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